Here you can find all official apps made and supported by Snips as well as the community ones

Forum FAQ & guides

We’re excited to share the new home for our forums! You’ll find the look, structure, and functionality is a bit different. We hope you settle in quickly and comfortably, aided with a few resources we are providing: this post, the Discobot tour guide, and our User Guides .


Snips dev console - - is used to build voice assistants. Here we discuss questions, bugs, new features and other topics related to the console.


Sam is a CLI (Command Line Interface) that you will be using to create, manage and deploy your assistants, to configure your hardware, to view the logs of your assistants on the Raspberry, as well as to run your application locally for quick prototyping.

Forum feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Snips AIR token

This category is for everything related to Snips AIR token, it’s blockchain, use cases, decentralized ML and so on. Feel free to ask or share information in this category.