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Interrupt snips by saying the hotword (7)
Docker for Satellite Only (1)
Italian language support (5)
Arch Linux Repo (1)
Improve assistant documentation (1)
Support External Skills (e.g. using Rasa Core or other Chatbot frameworks) (1)
The Response Voice Output is not clear i.e, words which are uttering by snip has no clarity in it (6)
Security and privacy (5)
sessionEnded reason suggestion for when nothing was said after wake word (1)
List of missing slots that were/arent filled (1)
Need endSession customData field (1)
Parse entities in Snips responses (5)
Include Device ID as a parameter in slots (10)
Dialog Manager Enhancements (1)
TTS support for SSML <audio> tag (1)
Enabling disabling intents on the fly (4)
Need some Snips App (2)
SiteId in payload (10)
Identify user by voice (7)
Hermes: Send messages to customer specific topics (5)
Interrurpt ongoing session (1)
Advanced intent filter (3)
Recover value and its synonym for a slot in the back-end of Snips (1)