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Viewing All Your Posts

To view all your posts, go to your Activity. From there, you have several options:

  • All: A view of everything in chronological order, with date/time shown for each on the right. You can expand each item to see more details by clicking the downward triangle next to the time.
  • Topics: All the topics you have created in chronological order. You can see details for each topic, including number of replies, views, and date/time since last activity.
  • Replies: All of your replies to topics created by other users in chronological order. The date/time since the reply was made is shown on the right.
  • Likes Given: All of the posts you have liked in chronological order. You can also see the date/time since each post was liked.
  • Bookmarks: All of the posts you have bookmarked in chronological order. Each item is expandable by clicking the downward triangle . You can see the date/time since each post was bookmarked and you can also remove any bookmark in the list by clicking Remove Bookmark .
  • Solved: All of the reply posts you have made that have been marked as Solved by the creator of a topic. These are also shown in chronological order with the date/time marked as “Solved” displayed on the right.
  • Votes: All of the feature suggestions you have voted for.

Downloading All Your Posts

To download and save copies of all of your public and private posts (including PMs), go to your Activity and click Download All at the bottom of the menu on the left. It may take some time to gather and export all your posts. Once your request has been completed, you will receive a private message in the forums to download your content. The archive file will be available to you for 48 hours after being generated, however you can make additional requests for your forum data.

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