About tutorial Quick Start Android

Hi All:
I’m new maker in here,i follow step tried to made working app on my phone ,such us weather or Calculator ,but in debug mode will show many error ,does anyone success from tutorial? or i missed something.


Hi @dillon

What errors do you see ? It’s hard to help you without them…

You can check these two projects

https://github.com/snipsco-samples/snips-demo-smart-house-android : a smarthouse demo, should work out of the box.

https://github.com/snipsco/snips-platform-android-demo : a demo that will work with any assistant you put on /sdcard/snips_android_assistant/ on your device

thanks your reply ,i’ll try second demo .


about snips-platform-android-demo ,if i use android studio to run, where should i put assistant.zip file?because i tried put file to <PROJECT_ROOT>/app/src/main/assets/assistant.zip but not work
also i saw on readme.rd need unzipped assistant.zip to external storage ,if i use android studio ,where should i put it ? and if i use internal storage on my device ,is that just create /snips_android_assistant/ under my internal storage?
Thanks again

Hi @dillon,

external storage is the storage you can see on your computer when connecting the phone to it and “Transfering files” it is usally accessible via the simlink /sdcard/ on android (even if no sdcard is physically available on the device)

This is used like that on this demo as it enables you to easilly change the assistant without having to recompile the app. It is not however something you should use on a production app. Take a look at the assistant loading on the smart house demo for an example on how to do this in a real application (namely have the zip in the assets and unzip it tout the app private storage on app startup)

Thanks your advise.it’s working now ,last question ,how could i let snips answer sound not just text on phone ,because on demo always show text ( Yes Master! … hum, …, er, … imagine this as been done,Let’s pretend I’ve done it! OK?) and i found an line in MainActivity.java show List answers = Arrays.asList( XXX… ,is that possible change let it answer sound not just text??

Thank you

Current implementation of the platform only support text as a response. However you have multiple options:

  • play the sound by yourself
  • use a tag in the text (for exemple “this is a ding [ding]”) and set a custom TTS handler that will parse the tag and play the wanted sound instead (ie replancing the “[ding]” by an actual ding sound)