Action code on github - can't make it work

I am running as an addon on my home assistant, for now I managed to make the assistant work, it detect intents, but besides that it can’t do much since the action code is missing, one way is would be to have an separate python script running inside the docker image, but this solution would seem counter intuitive to how snips Is supposed to handle this, hence I would like include it as part of my assistant.

I tried to make a simple action code, similar to

What mine does is basically return the sentence when an intent is detected… Pretty simple?
But for some reason I seem to be unable to make to it speak?

Are there any standards I should make use of?
Naming conventions?

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from import Hermes

MQTT_IP_ADDR = "localhost"
MQTT_PORT = 1883
MQTT_ADDR = "{}:{}".format(MQTT_IP_ADDR, str(MQTT_PORT))

def intent_received(hermes, intent_message):
    sentence = 'You asked for '

    if intent_message.intent.intent_name == 'Kodi:turnOn':
        sentence += 'the weather'

    hermes.publish_end_session(intent_message.session_id, sentence)

with Hermes(MQTT_ADDR) as h:

I seem to unaware of how I should debug it… Where would the print message be printed?
How do I make sure that the script is at all running or is part of the assistant?

Unfortunately the effort to fix it will probably not be worth the time anymore. From 31 January 2020, the end is here :disappointed: