Android Snips Satellite?

Since in the most recent version 0.63.2, the “on demand audio transmission” was introduced for satellites, it would be great to have an android snips satellite app, which works similar to a conventional satellite, but in a “to go” manner. It still does the hotword detection but after the detection it forwards the audio to a MQTT server. The benefits would be that no assistant installation on the phone is required (almost no maintenance when updating the assistant) and it is still private although selected audio data leaves the phone. Whether and how the personal MQTT server is accessible from outside the network is the choice of the individual user (VPN, port forwarding,…). I think you get what I mean.

Has anybody considered to implement such an app yet? Is this possible? Are there any disadvantages? Unfortunately, I am widely unexperienced in android app development, that is why I ask.

Hi @Flovie

This is something that should be doable but that we didn’t do yet. This could be implemented (for universal hotwords) using the snips-plaform-android lib for android for the hotword detection and a standard off the shelf mqtt client to implement an audio server on the android device.

However, having the hotword running non stop on a device will probably make your battery not last long at all: modern phones are really good to put the main cpu in deep sleep as soon as they can, having the hotword running basically means no deep sleep… perfect solution would be having an hotword (or at least voice detection) running on an mcu that could wakeup the main cpu if needed. We are exploring such approaches in other cases, but on a stardard android phone you probably won’t have acces to such hardware (it is present on some (most?) phones but you won’t have access to it execpt if you are the phone maker or google…

Hi fredszaq,

thank you for this detailed response. It’s a pity, that it won’t work out without workarounds such as “active when screen active” or such things. However, I will continue to think about a suitable workaround and maybe one day I find the time to implement it :grinning:

What this would be really useful for is a tablet to be used as a voice activated device with visual feedback.

I know @thanksmister is looking at this Voice Panel - Android Voice Assistant for Home Assistant

A tablet such as a wall control panel that is permanetly powered with a Snips satellite and perhaps also a face recognition means of activating a conversation would be a very exciting and powerful proposition.

I continued to think about it: Maybe it is possible to achieve something similar with Automate or Tasker. However, I haven’t had time to look at it yet.

I managed to make an android app that runs snips (based on of course) and stays behind Fullykiosk which displays Jeedom designs. It is not pro work but if it interests someone, I willingly give the apk or sources. Going through MQTT (as thanksmister does) far exceeds my skills but it works very well just using the Jeedom API to call a scenario.

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I woul dnot care for the battery. This would be a great option to reuse old Android devices as satellites with power attached…

I would very much like to give it a try, I am not a programmer or code writer just a curious user. I am fresh beginner on openhab actually. Could you share the android app / sources of android snips if you don’t mind pls?

I use Jeedom and its API, the apk wont work right away. You can find the android code here:

You can find the apk in app/build/outputs/apk/debug if necessary.
Hope that will help.

that’s so very nice of you ! I will certainly give this a try
cheers :blush: