App "Assistant information"


For the last month I have been working on the app Assistant information. You can ask some information about your Snips assistant, like its name, ID, the platform it is running on, the Snips version, the latest available Snips version, whether it’s running the latest Snips version, its hostname and IP address, its uptime, the installed apps and the number of intents it understands.

The app is also translated to French and German.

I had also planned to implement that you could ask the app for example sentences for your assistant, but I saw that Julien already did this in his app Assistant Onboarding, so they complement each other.

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Hi koan,

I already use a bunch of your apps that inspired the dev of the Onboarding one. Many thanks for your framework that I do use with pleasure and your apps that often work without config and are very useful.


Great to hear that you’re using SnipsKit. I haven’t ‘formally’ announced it yet because I have some API changes in the pipeline for which I still have to find some time to develop, test and document. Let me know if you encounter issues or have suggestions.


Speaking about snipskit. I know it is a matter of taste but depending on your preference your API could be closer to the flask one.
If you consider mimicking the hermes js dialog flow (the biggest missing piece in python action code for now) do not hesitate to PR on hermes-python.