[App] Assistant Onboarding


Hi there,

I just published my first app :slight_smile: https://github.com/DreamerMind/snips-app-onboarding. That welcome you at startup tell you the current hotword, list apps, give you the intent that helps to discover the overs by saying:

“How to trigger [Assistant App] ?” for example

It is quite basic for now, but I hope it is already helpfull. I am interested by feedback of any sort.



nice work!

some thoughts…

I would not use addFromVanilla in your injection code, as this will remove all previously injected values, and users might not want to loose previously added items. use just add

You could create a skill app and put it in the store. some of the intents could be asking for help or getting the action code list which you already have coded to answer. (no point for an intent for the hotword, as the user would have to know it already to ask for the other items:) )


Thanks Ozie,

All advices implemented.
The link to the assistant action code is in the readme.md :

App "Assistant information"

Good idea, this was actually in my backlog for Assistant information, so that probably saves me some time to develop it :slight_smile: I’ll have to try your app later today.