App history request



Ok this isn’t a small one, but it could be amazing to have app history.

Or once more, being able to export a complete app in a zip file, and being able to import one from such zip file.

User case:
I have an app with lot of intents, utterances and slots.
Once in production, using it everyday, I discover a problem with a particular sentence messing up with intents.
So I go to console, enter such sentence, test. Hmm, doesn’t work, well let’s test delete some sentence in another intent, tuning some slots, etc.
Finally, err… I totally messed my entire app !

And now what ? No way to go back … dead!

I think automatic backup everyday of assistant, apps etc isn’t necessarily needed and would require lot more resources on snips side.
BUT, a manual, once, way to set an history point for an app, or export it in a way we can easily replace the console one by this previous one, would be a lot, lot safer to try fine tuning existing apps.

The export to zip seems to be a good solution, as we could keep on our side as many versions we want without more space taken on snips servers.
Then, in app settings, we would have a ‘Replace with backup’ option to load the previous state of this app, and all back to work !

We could even share apps between users like this :sweat_smile:



Good suggestion. I think it would make sense to have explicit version control, which would aid with this problem. So you could in your app say instead of using the latest (broken) version of the intent you changed, use the version you saved last week.

Exporting full assistants for sharing between accounts is still useful, but perhaps not necessary for recovery if you could go back to older versions.