App "personal identity" to add some personality and awareness


The idea of this app is to give snips a bit more personality for the assistant. With this app, your assistant will be able to answer questions like “Who are you”, “Who am I” or “Tell me more about yourself”. This app will allow you to customize the details about the assistant and its owner. Now your bot can have some personal touch and feel more like a real person :stuck_out_tongue:. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this app, just let me know in this thread!


Nice idea.
I am already doing this. :grin:
I have an app that is triggered by exactly the questions you mentioned and will response with a short introduction or the current skills of the assistant.
I do this with a little code snippet action where I extend the answer text on new applications in my assistant.

For more personality, the default offline tts engine need to be improved a lot, in my opinion.



Set a sqlite db to hold the informations and use the peronal wake word id to identify the speaker (or piwho for better match, but heavier)


Any experience with setting up piwho with snips? Just did a quick Google search for it and it sounds pretty interesting and I think that could be a funny extension.


Check @Psycho’s superSnipsTTS script and setup mycroft on it. I got a pretty natural sounding female voice with more personality. Of course if you don’t mind selling your soul to Google or Amazon, you can use their TTS engines with the same script for a more natural voice. I suppose you don’t have any source available for these apps you’re working on?


@Psycho This is very interesting.
Could you share more about the technical steps?


Is this question aiming for me or for Psycho?

Mycroft is not an option, because as far as I understand it can only speak English but I need German reply.


You can change your language


Uhh, that is new for me.
Will give it a try.
Thank you very much.


If you managed to setup mymic / mycroft in German with superTTS I’d love to read a tutorial / your experience :slight_smile: