App "Say it again" to improve communication between Snips and you


I created an app to improve communication between Snips and you: Say it again. It can do two things:

  • Didn’t you hear what Snips said because of some noise or because you weren’t listening closely? Just ask your Snips assistant to repeat its last message: “What did you say?”

  • Did Snips clearly misunderstand you and do you want to know what it heard in your speech? Just ask your Snips assistant to repeat the last text it captured from your speech:“What did you hear?” It also adds the likelihood of the captured text.

The first action could be interesting for anyone; I guess the second is more something for app writers who want to know why they don’t get the response they’re expecting, without having to open a terminal with sam watch.

Update January 17, 2019: New functionality added to repeat the last action.


This is really really cool!


thats really awesome!

Am I allowed to translate it for the german assistants? ^^

(on the long run we should build a system that makes the translations easier, maybe even a console supported translation?)

edit: wtf… 8 days old? why did I never see your initial post…


Hi Philipp, sure, feel free to translate my app to German. A link to the English app is appreciated :slight_smile:

To make it easier for you, I just made my code i18n-aware. Take a look at the file translations/ and create a file translations/ with your German translations of the result texts and the names of the intents. If you test this and it works for your German version of the app, I’ll be happy to commit the German translation to my GitHub repository and then you don’t have to fork my code but can reuse my code in your German app.


Again many thanks for your effort! After some more tests I just published your app for the german assistants: Wie Bitte?

I think I’ll follow your example and include i18n translation into my apps as well. Looks like the perfect concept for a faster growing community and more apps!

@Snips Team: wouldn’t it be a good idea to include something like that into the template as well? :wink:


Thanks for your kind words, Philipp. I also added a link to your German version of the app in my app’s description in the Snips Store.

Note that I used importlib.import_module to load the translations because it was the fastest way I could do this without having to delve into gettext or other full-blown i18n solutions. I don’t know if this is the best way in the long run, but for now I’ll keep using this approach.


Thanks to Philipp, there’s a new feature implemented in this app: repeating the last intent, which is interesting for intents that have a corresponding action that does something else everytime.

Just ask your Snips assistant to repeat its last action: “Do it again”. For instance: if you say “Roll a die” (from my app Pick something random) and then multiple times “Again”, your assistant will roll a new die everytime instead of just repeating its last answer.