[APP] TelecommandeFreebox



i present my first app, my apologies it’s only for french people who got a Freebox Revolution (v6).

The github repo of the app can be found here :

With it you can speak to snips to power up your box, change channel, increase/decrease volume and so on.

You can find it on the store under the name TélécommandeFreebox

Hope it can be usefull to somebody and not only me

don’t fork the application if it’s just to add sentences, give them to me here, because if I evolve the python code of the application by adding functionality, your app might not be more compatible. Otherwise you will need to fork the github code as well.

A little demo :

Miniture vidéo

List of command :

  • démarrer la freebox (ex : hey snips démarre la freebox)
  • arrêter la freebox (ex : hey snips arrête la freebox)
  • mettre en pause un programme télé (ex : hey snips met en pause)
  • reprendre le programme télé (ex : hey snips reprend le programme)
  • avancer dans le timeshift (ex : hey snips avance dans le programme)
  • reculer dans le timeshift (ex : hey snips recule dans le prgramme)
  • reprendre le direct (ex : hey snips remet le direct)
  • active le PiP (ex :hey snip active le pip)
  • desactive le PiP (ex: hey snips desactive le pip)
  • permute de chaine pour le pip (ex : hey snips permute le pip)
  • Augmenter le volume par pas de 25 (ex : Hey snips monte le son de la télé)
  • Diminuer le volume par pas de 25 (ex : Hey snips baisse le son de la télé)
  • Muter la télé (ex : Hey snips coupe le son de la télé)
  • Unmute la télé (ex : Hey snips remet le son de la télé)
  • Accès à la télévision (ex : Hey snips mets la télévision)
  • Accès à l’application twitch (ex : Hey snips mets twitch | le stream)
  • Accès au programme télé (ex : Hey snips affiche le programme télé)
  • Quitte le programme télé (ex : Hey snips quitte le programme télé)
  • Changer de chaine (ex : Hey snips met France 4)

Change log :


  • Added power on/off the freebox
  • Added default channel so when the freebox is powered on the channel is active
  • Added default volume so when the freebox is powered on the volume is set


  • Initial release

Intent modification :

  • Novembre 20 2018
    • Add new channel : Comedy central on 97
    • Move Ginx TV on 96

Tips :

  1. CEC option

    If you leave your TV on standby and your TV is CEC compatible you can activate the CEC options of the freebox player and also of your TV. Thanks to this you will be able to turn on your freebox player by voice with snips which will wake up your TV too. And the opposite is true when you turn off your freebox it will put your TV on standby

    To activate this in the freebox player go to **Réglages > Affichage > Réglages HDMI CEC ** then activate this options :

    • Activer le HDMI CEC
    • Mise en veille des équipements HDMI CEC depuis la Freebox

    Don’t forget to activate CEC option in your TV if this is possible


This is trully amazing! Great work! Will add it to my assistant :smiley:


Thanks :blush: i really enjoying making this app. I have more ideas for it that i plublish next week.

I’m not an expert in python so i have to really optimise my code.


Great job!!! :smiley:


This is really cool :slight_smile:


For people who use this app, thanks to made some returns if you have bug, problem and so on


Hi everyone,

I got a little problem i don’t find a solution, with my app i want to power on my freebox, no problem i got the code for that, but i also use jeedom app, and when i say to snips “Allume la télévision”, snips always use the jeedom intent instead of my app one, i remove every thing from the jeedom’s intent with the “télévision” device. But that doesn’t help.


Just thanks for your app wich is working like a charm : my children love to control Gulli with their voice !

Bien à vous


Thanks for your feedback ! If your children are happy with it i’m happy too



Great app ! I tried it yesterday and it’s amazing how it performed even with TV ON beside.

Do you achieve to power on/off TV without launching jeedom action ?

Thank for your work.


Thanks for this comment :slight_smile:

For the moment i don’t achieve the power on/off without launching jeedom action, i don’t understand why jeedom intent are recognise instead of those i create. I remove every word/intent with “télé/télévision/tv” but snips always recognise jeedom intent.

For the moment i use freebox jeedom plugin so i can made a binding to turn on/off freebox, but it’s pretty boring :slight_smile:


Even if you add this intent in your app ?


I try in a dev version of my app to put in my intent some sentences and slot with “télé/télévision/tv” but it not working. I going to dev this week end (not time this week) and hop give good news next week


Hi everyone,

I update the app, now you can power on and off the freebox, you can use this sentences

Démarre la freebox / télévision
Allume la freebox / télévision
Peux tu démarrer la freebox / télévision
Peux tu allumer la freebox / télévision
Eteint la freebox / télévision
Coupe la freebox / télévision
Peux tu couper la freebox / télévision
Peux tu allumer la freebox / télévision
Arrête la freebox / télévision

I added two new option, default channel and default volume, if you set a default channel then when your freebox power on it zap on this default channel. When the default volume is set , the freebox at power on set this volume level

The default channel must be set with digit :slight_smile:
For exemple use 2 for france 2, use 50 for game one and so on

The default volume must be set between 0 and 100

To activate this new feature you have to update your assistant with sam command.

For people like me who use the jeedom app, say “Allume la télévision” may be not work, that why in the sentences i add “Allume la freebox” that seems to not go into conflict with jeedom app

For all people who fork the app, this new featur may not work because of the missing slots en sentences. If you fork and not modify the app, delete it from your assistant and add it again


Thank for this update !

Anyway to see if the app we see is update ? Mine doesn’t seem, when I try ‘allume la freebox’ it still jeedom turn on action:(


Can you try « démarre la freebox », pay attention if you fork the app that you may missing some sentences and slots. And for now i remove from jeedom’s intent every Tv, télévision, télé in slots en sentences, train the assistant and install it.

And to see if the app as been update (the pyhton code) when you use sam install assistant you must give freebox remote code, default Channel, default volume


I remove your app from my console, remove everything related to tv/télévision from jeedom, add your app but still TurnOnJeedom when I try “démarre la freebox”


:cry: i open a thread ( Not good intent detected between app ) hope i can have a response how to deal with this problem. The only solution i can see now is to add sentences, slots that aren’t in jeedom app, but it’s not long-term usefull.

after removing everything related to tv/television in intent and slots, have you reinstall your assistant ?

Thanks for your test !!


I tried it from console, do I need to install on my snips server ?


Did you see your assistant train again when you add my app ?

When you add an app from the consol, the consol train your assistant then you have to update /install your assistant again on your snips server with the sam command