[APP] TelecommandeFreebox


No sorry i was meening in my app add in the slot TvCommand (in the power line) a synonym with your own sentences like my example, then you add this sentences in the intent of my app, you let train your assitant, then you install it


Ok now when I write ‘allume la freebox’ on my console, I have ChannelFreebox :slight_smile:


Good news :stuck_out_tongue: Hope if you install app again it be effective this time


I tried it tonight but now whatzver commands from freebox’ I said, session was ended because one of the component didn’t response in timely manner.

Anyway to debug that ?


I didn’t got this bug for now. I’m going to try tomorrow to made a clean install of my app to see if i got this problem too


I don’t know if it’s relevant to your app, I have this error for others too.

But mute tv was working before not anymore :frowning:


Really strange, may be try to delete my app from you assistant, install your assistant again and see if without my app you have this problem


I tried from the beginning with only jeedom app and I have the same problem with one action, so no relevant to your app :wink:


Good news for me, but not for you :frowning:


Ok so I start from the beginning and I change hyper-v to workstation to hosting snips server.

My jeedom commands work but not the freebox ones. Is there a way to debug ?

I look skill-server logs but I found nothing :frowning:


So first :

  1. The freebox app is in your assistant and your assitant is install with it on you snips server ?
  2. Did you enter the freebox remote number ?
  3. For debug you can make a sam watch and the ask snips “demarre la freebox” and see if the freeboxapp is detected

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. I launched it with Sam watch, and it detected the right intent but nothing after


Did over command works ? like change channel or volume up and down ?

In a web browser can you try this URL (replace FreeRemoteCode by your remote code), if you validate this url you can power down or up your freebox revolution.


If it works you can do on your snips server

sudo systemctl stop snips-skill-server


sudo snips-skill-server -vvv

and then ask for power your freebox to see if something goes wrong


Url works, so when I try your command I have ;

INFO :snips_skill_server_lib::runner: was asked to stop, terminating childs before quitting...
[23:19:33.179608] DEBUG:snips_skill_server_lib::handler::nosandbox: sending kill to app_freebox_telecommande
[23:19:33.179617] DEBUG:snips_skill_server_lib::handler::nosandbox: waiting for app_freebox_telecommande to stop
[23:19:33.179755] DEBUG:snips_skill_server_lib::handler::nosandbox: app_freebox_telecommande has stopped


It look like you have a snips problem with the snips-skill-server, it look like it shutdown . So it can’t launch the app.

Normally you shoud see something like that :

[08:08:04.994419] DEBUG:snips_common_cli::cli: conf lookup: snips-skill-server.skill_dir -> Ok(None)
[08:08:04.994703] DEBUG:snips_common_cli::cli: conf lookup: snips-common.skill_dir -> Ok(None)
[08:08:04.994759] DEBUG:snips_common_cli::cli: conf lookup: snips-skill-server.skills_root_dir -> Ok(None)
[08:08:04.994824] DEBUG:snips_common_cli::cli: conf lookup: snips-common.skills_root_dir -> Ok(None)
[08:08:04.995271] INFO :snips_skill_server_lib::runner: searching dir for actions: /var/lib/snips/skills/snips-app-TelecommandeFreebox
[08:08:04.995928] INFO :snips_skill_server_lib::runner: found action "/var/lib/snips/skills/snips-app-TelecommandeFreebox/action-app_freebox_telecommande.py"
[08:08:04.998465] DEBUG:snips_skill_server_lib::runner: [app_freebox_telecommande][err] thread started
[08:08:04.998827] DEBUG:snips_skill_server_lib::runner: [app_freebox_telecommande][out] thread started
[08:08:25.143297] INFO :snips_skill_server_lib::runner: [app_freebox_telecommande][out] [Recept] intent Tarlak:ChannelFreebox
[08:08:25.143477] INFO :snips_skill_server_lib::runner: [app_freebox_telecommande][out] Lancement de l'application Telecommandereebox
[08:08:25.143677] INFO :snips_skill_server_lib::runner: [app_freebox_telecommande][out] [Recep] intent value: power