[App] Weather + DarkSky (GERMAN)

Query weather from now till +7 days from www.darksky.net

App: https://console.snips.ai/store/de/skill_lyXWObV8NA8

Github actions + manual: https://github.com/patrickjane/snipsweather

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I tried your App but with no positive result.
I have a DarkSky API.

But when I ask snips “Wie wird das Wetter morgen” the Session is ended and the MQTT log show me “The session was ended because one of the component didn’t respond in a timely manner” withoud saying anything. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

Hey thanks for the feedback. When did you install the app? I’ve had a couple of changes yesterday, and in between it might have been in a non-functional state. Can you try to update the app/assistant and see how it works?

Other than that, the following steps might help boiling down the problem, assuming you’re having a standard linux installation:

  1. On your snips-machine, do tail -f /var/log/syslog
  2. In another terminal, on your snips-machine, do sudo systemctl restart snips-skill-server
  3. Check if the skill server complains about my app or not
  4. Speak the command, and see if the skill server complains about my app or not

Even more analysis is possible with manually starting the app, like this (all on your snips-machine):

  1. sudo systemctl stop snips-skill-server
  2. cd /var/lib/snips/skills/snipsweather
  3. source venv/bin/activate
  4. python action-s710-weather.py (this blocks)
  5. speak your command, and check if there is any unexpected output

Afterwards make sure to start the skillserver again (sudo systemctl start snips-skill-server).

Please note that the git repository in /var/lib/snips/skills/snipsweather should be on the latest commit (see https://github.com/patrickjane/snipsweather).

Also I am aware that there might still be glitches in the app, I will try to resolve any problems as soon as I can. Doing the above steps will help me track down the issue and fix it :slight_smile: