Arduino and Snips



Hello I am new to snips. I have a Arduino board to control motors. I am making a robotic hand using motors and arduino. So can I use Snips to arduino to control my robot using voice recognition. Or I have to add RaspberryPi to the module to work with Snips.

Please help and thanks in advance.


Well snips needs at least a raspberry pi for the ASR if thats what you want to know. When you already have one running you can use any microcontroller to connect to the mqtt broker snips uses and listen for the commands (Well you would need the possibility to connect to MQTT, so you would need the ability to connect to your homenetwork which the standard arduino can´t without any shields). The most common ways to connect are probably ethernet and wifi. I kind of like bluetooth aswell (especially low power bluetooth). So when you do not want to use any shields you might be better off with something like the esp32 (works with the arduino IDE aswell)

So in short you need a pi or something more powerfull for the speech stuff and for reacting you can use pretty much anything


Thank you. And I have some more doubts. Is Snips a free software?


Kind of depends on what you mean with free software.
For makers (so as long as you do not use it commercially) using snips does not cost anything.
If you mean free software as stated in this definition: it is not or only partly. I mean for example the NLU is avaible on github as open source, but for example the ASR is not (according to snips it will probably be open sourced one day aswell)


Hello. I have some more doubts. I am using behringer U Phoria UM2 as audio interface with raspberry Pi. Should I install Snips on my Windows PC or install in Raspberry Pi?

I installed in my windows using command prompt. I am not able to do in Raspberry pi?

is there any tutorial for using snips with Windows and raspberry pi?

Thank you


Snips supports raspbian (raspberry pi) debian and for other systems like windows you need to use it in a docker container. So definetly easier on the raspberry pi when you did not use docker before :wink:
There you will find all the info required to install snips


Hello, when i am trying to instal snips demo using
$sam install demo
Am getting errors


Please post these errors, without them we can’t help you


What about the ESP32? Here is some interestig audio stuff for it:


These are the errors i am getting. When I am searching for devices, i am getting

  • Scanning devices on the network…exec: ‘grep’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    Scanning devices on the network…
    i No devices discovered

When I am trying to connect mannually, these errors are coming.
× Error connecting to raspberrypi. getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND raspberrypi. raspberrypi.

× Error connecting to raspberrypi.local: Timed out while waiting for handshake


sams device search fails a lot of times :wink:

do “sam connect” the raspberrypi hostname is not needed in front of it


thanks. Yeah. Now it is working.

I am suing windows command prompt. Is there any problem for that? or

Is it compulsory that i should use linux?

thank you.


import serial
import time
arduinoSerialData = serial.Serial(’/dev/ttyACM0’,9600)
while 1:

This the code snippet I am using to control from raspberry to arduino. MY voice is recognising. But my motor is not rotating