Artist name slot in music intent


Congrats to the Snips team for an outstanding product!

One question though: How should I handle an english artist name in a french music intent like “joue moi du…” ?

Example: “Joue moi du Miley Cyrus” have to be said as “Joue moi du milè sirus” (à la french :wink: to get detected correctly.

Slot seems to be language specific but an english slot cannot be used in a french assistant.

I do not want to use Google ASR or any other cloud STT.

Is Snips working on something to solve this? Does anyone have a trick other than using synonyms with phonetic variations (which is pretty tedious for a thousand artists list)?

Also waiting for a French generic ASR model :slight_smile:


Hey @fastjack !
Really sorry for the delay :frowning:
Use the builtin entity snips/musicArtist. It contains a lot of artists names and handles cross pronunciations between english and french so that you won’t have to pronounce à la french an english artist.

Thanks @Garvys.
This is what I finally did once the snips/musicArtist slot has been available in the console (see: Where is snips/musicArtist slot?)

Ah yes nice ! Glad it worked !