Asound.conf disappears

Anytime i restart Snips or reboot, /etc/asound.conf disappears. I just noticed this within the last week. Running stretch. Did something change? sam setup audio works fine. But i need /etc/asound.conf to stay in place and not be deleted. I have both respeaker 4mic hat and also V2.0 . I want audio to go out Jabra510 and need asound.conf.

It’s most likely the respeaker driver that deletes it. You need to mod the file at /usr/bin/seeed-voicecard

Psycho… for sure you are correct.
I have read many of your posts. You are a blessing to this project.
Many thanks.

It’s exactly that.
I helped a user yesterday that installed seeed drivers with Jabra (but no respeaker :smiley: ).
The respeaker driver deleted the asound.conf after every reboot.



What kind of modification should we do on /usr/bin/seeed-voicecard?