ASR listening on MQTT publish does not work

I’ve been trying to make the ASR go on and listen without a detected wake word, but I didn’t succeed.
I’m using python connected via mqtt to the pi, this works I receive intents…
I’m publishing this to the pi mqtt_client.publish('hermes/asr/toggleOn') to start the listening this does work in the sam watch I see the output that it started recording. But I never get a message containing what I said. I also tried enabling the partial feature but it didn’t work either.
Any clue how to troubleshoot this. With the normal hotword it works as expected


I just found it out:
The key is to publish both

mqtt_client.publish('hermes/asr/startListening', payload='{"siteId": "default"}')  # This 
mqtt_client.publish('hermes/asr/toggleOn')  # as well as this

what you are doing is not the right way to do it
read the docs

Ah ok then I misunderstood the documentation, saying something via the “notification” works but it doesn’t start listening when I publish this: mqtt_client.publish('hermes/dialogueManager/startSession', payload='{"init": {"type": "action", "canBeEnqueued": "true"}}') In the snips-watch console I don’t see anything when executing this, and it doesn’t recognize an intent.

yeah snips-watch does not always outputs error messages
i would think running snips-dialogue -vvv would output the error

i see the docs say siteId is optional… but i don’t think it is… else how would it know where to send the tts too…hmm

Hmm doesn’t make a difference for tts it works without the siteId, for the mqtt_client.publish('hermes/dialogueManager/startSession', payload='siteId": "default", "init": {"type": "action", "canBeEnqueued": "true"}}') it doesn’t work, no matter if I add the siteId

Try with the Boolean items not in quotes
Ie change “true” to just true (no quotes)