Batch testing assistant



Actually we have in console a way to test a sentence. Nice.

Now, having different apps with lot of intents and tons of possible sentences, when modifying one intent, or adding another app, all can be mess, or just a few sentences. For example, I ever had a few sentences that triggered a wrong intent, so I modified them, it works but then, other sentence became messing intents.

So now, I keep a set of sentence that I always try once I’m ready to update the assistant on the pi, to be sure that I didn’t mess other things.

And here we are, testing around 30 sentences at the end to be sure all is working fine is … a pain !

So, could we have a page dedicated to batch testing, where we could import a set of sentences, even store it for later test, and test all sentences in a batch ?
Even better could be a table of:

this is my sentence ------ here is the intent it should trigger ----- here intent triggered after test (green/red)

Sincerely, this would save a lot of time, and provide an efficient global assistant testing.

Please … :yum:

PS: you note I didn’t asked to specify which slots should be defined with the intent… I keep for v2 :sweat_smile:


Hey, sorry for late reply. We have been experimenting with this kind of functionality, hopefully we can offer something in the UI in the future. I agree that it would be super useful.


Thanks, this is on top of my priority list !


Any news on this subject ? my fingers are numb with all copy/paste :rofl:


Hehe I understand. It’s still something we’re looking at, but it’s not something that we will be offer in the very short term - it will take longer.


ok, I just write a php script to do it on my own.
Now can tests several sentences at once with intent and slots results.



Go for it. :+1: I’ll post here when I have any updates about plans to integrate this in the console.


I have it working, just coloring red/green with expected intent is match or not.
May publish it on github if someone is interested.
It is a php script so it needs apache server


Ok, done it with python as for lot of sentences, php will timeout.
php had the advantage of text coloring in result, but not really the right tool for that.
I made ad html result later with better formating and colors.

I hope not infringing SNIPS policy by connecting to console from python script :relieved:



Ahah !!

matched: 46 | unmatched: 0 | total: 46

So much easier to fine tune assistant with batch testing !!! :sweat_smile: