Been working on a new admin front end


Here is a little look at the dashboard… feedback ?

This is not the full version shown in the images, but a cut down of just the dashboard. More will be released over time since I am happy with its format :slight_smile:

  • 24/7 watch monitoring and stored for 30 days
  • graphs to display most common used intents
  • spark graphs to show counts of times certain events captured

still tweaking the remote device LCD screen display editor to better integrate with the built in skills server


Looks very nice :heart_eyes:
Any links to a repo?
Maybe for some alpha/beta testing?

This would make it a lot easier to tweak/optimize snips!


This is really looking great!

What are the System and Resources categories for in the sidebar?


I want to have it ^^

Three most important informations:
what installation is required? (satellites as well?)
What is the “Screens” Menu for? (Magic Mirror I guess?)
Where can I get it? :wink:


NLU data training - slots / intents
Screens - design remote device LCD screens that display information from intents that listen via socket to know when something needs to be shown - then they time out and blank the screen

the resources is something on the todo list… but currently i have timers and i want to be able to see them visually… might turn into more of an addin since its not really made for system wide use… same goes for shopping list
resources might not be there in a few weeks if i can’t design something worth while or has no real use


none… it only needs to know the MQTT and MQTT settings to connect
can use any devices in any setup config


can’t… not yet


i might put to github a cutdown of it with just the logging/dashboard

the rest is still being tested fixed and worked on so things change daily

But I use Picovoice for my Wakewords and the menu for Wakewords lets me create/remove wakewords and create actions for each word(s) set

the NLU is custom for snips-nlu with a custom skills/intent backend which allows me to enable/disable intents, set which devices can access which intents
It also allows for the custom backend screens setup


ok I have created the dashboard version and added it to github… see first post for link


It’s working nicely! I especially love the watch log, it’s very clear to follow what has happened with the different colours and the table with the intent slots. You’ve put a lot of thought in it.


Hey @ozie,

Nice work!

it’s working on a Pi3, just need to compile and install python 3.7 manually tough…

There is a little issue related to audio-server process detection. I filled an issue here


This is amazing! Something I was thinking about and now wouldn’t have to do myself.

I also wanted it to edit the configuration, instead of sam asking for values again and again on each update.

Have considered adding admin maintenance like rebooting the devices,etc.?



yes… my last admin site (on github) edited sites… this is a total re-write from the ground up so adding features will take time

this morning i pushed some changes that fixed a bug here and there but also added themes so you can have dark or light… and some colour options too