Beginner Setup Question



First off if this is in the wrong spot please move it. I’m not sure where it fits exactly.

I am in the process of building out my Home Assistant setup and I’d love to have voice control. For obvious reason’s I’m not bent of Google or Amazon voice assistants.

I’ve been toying with some ideas for audio playing in my house and I’ve bounced around from potential solution to potential solution. Initially I was on the Chromcast audio with speakers train, then I was on a Pi3 with a DAC head with speakers, and now I’m leaning back towards the Chromecast Audio.

There a number of factors that have me bouncing around, I’m trying to keep the cost down as much as I can to improve the WAF. The Chromecast audio is a bit cheaper than the Pi option, it should be quicker to setup and just work. Another factor is Snips, if I go with a Pi with a DAC and something like Volumio then I assume I’ll need a second Pi for snips.

In my head my ideal setup is Snips running on my server, a couple of Pis (Zero W’s maybe) as satellites, and chromecast audio for well, audio.

Is there a better option? Can use 1 pi for snips and audio output/playback?



To run Snips you would need a RPI B3+ (or VM). For Satellites you can use PI 0, for audio output playback it should be possible although Snips is using the sound card for TTS and the mic, you will have to modify it a bit to be able to also have you chromecast connected to it.

I’ve personnaly tried setting up a multi-room system using Chromecast and LMS and although it did work, it wasn’t stable enough. Hope you’ll have better chance than me :slight_smile:


Thanks Valf.

So just to clarify things on my end. When Snips is running on the Pi it is constantly using the audio on the Pi to listen and respond to commands. It is not reasonable to expect to be able to run Snips (as a satellite maybe) and Volumio (as an example) on the same Pi?

I did find this about using Snips and Mopidy ( but it seems it is depreciated.

Really I’m looking for the best affordable option to have audio playback with Snips.


I run mopidy with Spotify on my home assistant pc, and snips on an rpi. On the ha pc I run a server and the pi runs a client of this

I can stream audio to either the pc or snips and still use snips for everything I need. So get HA and mopidy setup and look at that snap client


I’ll look into that.