Besoin d'un tutorial clair


bonjour à tous,

je débute donc surement des questions de newbie.
pas de problème lors j’importe une appli du store, ça marche sans pb.

donc je tente de créer maintenant mon appli toute simple “hello world”.
je l’ai exporté => “donneHeure”

[15:42:59] [Asr] was asked to listen on site default
[15:43:03] [Asr] captured text “il est quelle” in 4.0s
[15:43:03] [Asr] was asked to stop listening on site default
[15:43:03] [AudioServer] was asked to play a wav of 93.1 kB with id ‘44e88bfe-174b-460b-9d62-f17c9083b8b9’ on site default
[15:43:05] [AudioServer] finished playing wav with id ‘44e88bfe-174b-460b-9d62-f17c9083b8b9’
[15:43:05] [Nlu] was asked to parse input “il est quelle”
[15:43:05] [Nlu] detected intent tritri:donneHeure with probability 0.825 for input “il est quelle”
[15:43:05] [Dialogue] New intent detected tritri:donneHeure with probability 0.825
[15:43:11] [Dialogue] session with id ‘72baae9a-7158-4ec3-ba28-d0a99ba344a6’ was ended on site default. The session was ended because one of the component didn’t respond in a timely manner
[15:43:11] [Asr] was asked to stop listening on site default
[15:43:11] [Hotword] was asked to toggle itself ‘on’ on site default



Please, in english in international parts (every can profit :slight_smile: ) .

The intent is well recognized. is your skill correctly defined in your assistant ? As snippet ? on github directory ?



yes sorry :slight_smile:

it’s a snippet code named “donneHeure” =>

	sentence = 'Il est '
	hermes.publish_end_session(intent_message.session_id, sentence)


i don’t use snippets but the code is very simple
Maybe try to comment the print command and use double-quote in place of simple quote (but i don’t think it’s that)

when you do a sam status , is snips-skill-server started ? did you look in the log of snips-skill-server ?



thx a lot, i have found my error in suslog.
[tritri-donneHeure-tritri.donneHeure][err] NameError: global name ‘intent_message’ is not defined

works better with intentMessage