Blasted blaster. IR Control app

Is anybody using Ozie’s IRcontrol app, if so would they share details of the build with me?
The app is not finding my device from the Lirc settings, I can see the mqtt message with the details if the IR device but the controller is stuck at ‘gathering information…’
I’ve convinced myself its an environment problem so I’d like to start again with a known working kernel and build of Stretch.

Thanks in advance…S

yeah i have to find some time to look into it now… the RPi kernel update 4.19 is now missing some previously installed LIRC software.

there is plenty of discussion out there if you google LIRC kernel 4.19

apparently the LIRC RPI module has been deprecated and now uses gpio-ir so i need to look into this

one solution i have read but not tried yet is a simple change and reboot

In /boot/config.txt:

where XX is the pin number

ozie, no I don’t think it’s a lirc issue as as soon as I read of the problem with kernel 4.19, I reverted to 4.14. The record process is also broken with 4.19. The link I sent you gives all the details of the problems and fixes but the object for me was to get to know SNIPS and not to spend hours patching several apps and a kernel ;-(

I thus downloaded a April 2018 copy of rasbian stretch with the 4.14 kernel. The lirc process works but there are other things missing like flask-mqtt and python3.

I think I’ve added all the dependencies for your app but maybe not ! I see the mqtt message with the lirc config for my IRremote but the IRcontrol:7777 just spins it’s wheels at ‘Gathering data’

Regards Strebor