Can't update intent



Every time I try to add a training phrase to an intent I’ve got this error when I save :

Already exist : intent name …

How to avoid this error ?



i ran into this problem that @Hydro describes several times, too. it’s not easily reproducible, but happened to me even once after creating a new intent. renaming (to a new name) mostly helps, but the supposedly already existing name stays taken, even after days.


+1 for me also , same problem :frowning:



In your Jarvis assistant, have you more that one app with this intent ? Maybe the intent is shared between all apps in assistant.



Only one app, but on “My intents” page i see two intents with TurnOnJeedom, when i want delete the other i get this message :

Something went wrong
The error has automatically been reported. Please try again later, or come talk to us in our Forum!


@cedcox, did you think it’s normal?



no :slight_smile: But i’m not sure but i believe that i already saw this problem recently on the forum and it was a bug.

maybe contact a dev from snips team that will help you to delete the intent that you want to delete ?