Console account creation

Despite the closure scheduled for January 31, 2020, I would like to register on the console, It seems impossible.
It’s probably due to the closure.
I wanted to do an installation in order to use it on JEEDOM.
If there is someone who can tell me how to do it, if possible.
Thank you in advance for your answers.
Best regards

Here you go:

Hello Fastjack,
Thank you for your response, I just tried the user and the password it seems does not work on the link
I hope I didn’t get it wrong, but sorry it doesn’t work.
Could you try on your side and tell me if it works for you?
Thanks for the return

As I thought, there’s an asshole that changed the password… And either snips closed the forgot password function or it’s borken, so, I’m sorry. @Val?

It does not matter, too bad, thank you again for trying.