Console in Tor Browser


When I open the console in the tor browser most of the website works. However it seems to block the “debug console” on the right side of the console that allows a test of the assistant. So whenever the size of the browser is over 50% of the screenwidth it loads this “debug console” and the whole website crashs. Whats required to run this “debug console” and would it be possible to make the website not crash but just not show the “debug console” when it can’t load?


Would be good for us to be able to fix this. I don’t have access to a Tor browser right now so I will message you asking for more details. :+1:


sure will help you with any debuuging :wink:


This should be fixed now! Please refresh the page and tell me if it works for you. :slight_smile:


It works now :grinning: