Console Login - The website is down


despite the extremely sad news about the destination of snips, I’d still like to finish my project until 31/01… But I am not able to login in my console account anymore. It’s been nearly 3 weeks now, in the meantime I registered a new account and now the access is gone also… When I want to sign up another account (because I have no more access to my previous ones) the “” link automatically redirects to the login page.

Is there really no possibility for me to finish my project? Despite the fact that the console will be available until 31/01? It would be a shame if I’d lose the access to my assistant from now on…

Hi @Mantajochen,

There is a bug indeed which shows this “website is down” page when the user/password combo is not correct.

Please use a valid email & password combination and it should work fine.


it is working for @Mantajochen said. it is a bug when it shows “website is down”

The bug that showed a “website is down” message when incorrect login credentials where entered has now been fixed.

If you still see this message please let us know!

@pocketjoso Forgot password doesn’t work anymore. Also, I pm’ed you, we wrote on the forum and more and we don’t get answers anymore, we need the hotwords jarvis and chappie. It’s really sad that you guys want to finish this way, like dropping us like dirty socks

I’m sorry, I was on a long vacation, I missed this message. The forgot password seems to work when I test it, was it perhaps an issue of an account that no longer existed? I’ll see about your PM next.

Hey! Nope, all my accounts work, password remeber mail as well. Only the one I shared doesn’t work anymore…