Console throwing errors on edit


Hi all,

The intent editor is completely broken for me right now.

I can’t edit intents anymore.
Some intents give me an “Error: Intent alredy exist” when I’m trying to save. Some other “There was a problem loading your intent” on trying to edit it.

“There was a problem loading your intent.”
“Error: already exists: intent name”

I’m using Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98.
Console logout/login does not help.

Intents cannot be deleted


I have the same issue on my account. I can’t save intents anymore.

Could you check our accounts ?

Thank you very much


Hi, I have the same error. The deleted intents does not disappear.


Ah sorry everyone about this and the late reply. We made an change regarding this which disallows having multiple intents with the same name, which was previously possible in some circumstances. It should be possible to fix these issue for you by changing the name in the intents you get errors. If not, please let me know!


These items cannot be edited or deleted.


@zaphodus We’ve found a bug that affects your intent, we’re working on a fix.

@msommer - regarding the second intent, can you rename it and then save? Or if you prefer, look for the duplicate on your account and rename it instead? Then you should be able to save.

@Mickael2883 - what intents did this affect for you? Can you try renaming your intents so that you have no intents with duplicate names, and then see if this allows you to save them all?


@msommer Regarding the first intent you shared (intent_dA2mxzB0Yyn7), can you try loading it again and see if it works?


Same error I have multiple intents but i can’t delete and so can not add more because for the console these intents already exist


My all intent in error (it’s mostly duplicated) :


Hi @pocketjoso,

same error here. Thought you were notified (there was a message saying that).

My errorneous intents:

Thanks in advance!


Hi @freddy and @Elcondor. Thanks for the feedback. We have identified an issue that prevents your intents from deleted properly, which is what causes the other problems. We have a fix planned, it should arrive early next week. I’m sorry for this trouble!


Hello @pocketjoso ,

The intent intent_PA0kv84e1vOV was called turnOnJeedom.

When I wanted to edit it and save it, I got an error message: Can not save with a duplicate name.

But the turnOnJeedom did not exist outside this intent.

I renamed it to turnOn2Jeedom and I was able to save. But I can not rename it to turnOnJeedom, the name still seems to exist …

Same problem for:

And an intent for which I have the problem (without having been renamed):


Allright everyone,
we pushed the fix I mentioned before, for the problem that caused some intents to not be deleted properly. Can you please refresh your page and test again and see if your issues are gone now? If some issues remain, please let me know which ones. Note that you will still need to rename any intent/slot type that you have where you have more than one with the same name (per language).

cc @freddy @Elcondor @Mickael2883 @zaphodus


Hi @pocketjoso,

everthing is okay now!



Thank you, it works now!


I use a fork of Jeedom for my home automation, and I can not find a solution to the recognition of good intents by Snips.
I test them directly in the console with the microphone.
The recognition of the pronounced sentence is always good.
On the other hand:
the phrase “Turn off light” gives “lightsTurnOff” but also sometimes “TurnOffDevices”.
the phrase “extinguish the light in the kitchen” gives the intent “TurnOffDevices” and not the intent “lightsTurnOff”
“Turn off the salon light at forty percent”
I’m starting to understand nothing anymore. Where do my mistakes come from ???


I don’t think that the issue you’re facing is directly related to this thread…


This issue was resolved, closing.

closed #19