Console Update 2.22.2


These release notes covers changes released on since early September.

New features
:keyboard: Intent editor: keyboard shortcuts
enter and esc actions for tagging slots in training examples, up/down/tab navigation between training examples. More to come - let us know if you have ideas of what keyboard interactions you would like in the console!

:arrow_up: apps can now be shared with others more easily!
The console now has dedicated share for apps published to the store, and each app now lives on it’s own unique URL. :memo:App change logs It’s now possible to write a change log message when publishing an app update (for the store). Very soon it will be possible to view the full changelog for an app from the store.

Improvements and bug fixes:
:racing_car:We made the console faster!
We trimmed the size of our assets downloaded when the console loads, and when some pages are opened, like the Intent Editor. In technical terms, we also improved our First render and Time To Interactive metrics, via adding critical css, tree-shaking and code splitting.

␛SlotType page: Commas in synonyms can now be escaped
(“4, 5, 1\,5, 3”…)

:robot:The modal shown when downloading an assistant now shows the command to run to update the assistant on Sam. It comes with a copy button, and should make it easier and faster to perform this action.

:nail_care:rating stars, and some of our menus, received a face lift and should now look better than before.

:beetle:App descriptions now preserve whitespace correctly, and detects and auto-links urls in a few more cases where it wasn’t working before.

:beetle:Voice testing: fixed bugs that prevented it from working in Safari. Also added better UI explaining what’s happened in cases where voice testing is not available.

As always, please refresh the page to get the latest updates, and let us know what you think


Hi all,

Has the synonym bug been fixed in this version?


Hi @Jeandhom, it was not part of this release. The topic you linked to should keep you covered on when that fix is out.