Console Update 2.23.0


Console Update 2.23.0 - 9/11/2018

New features

  • Intent Editor update!
  • new 2 column layout
    Easier to get an overview of what you have, and work with the training examples directly without having to scroll.
  • sort options for training examples
    We’re starting with alphabetical and newest first sort orders, but we’ve heard some other ideas already. Keep them coming!

User pages
You can now find out more about the developers of the apps you use. Clicking on their username takes you to their user page. This page shows you what other apps they have published, and other public information. You can edit your public information and preview your own User page via your own Account. Finally, you can tip the developer from their page, if you appreciate their work!

  • We will now show a small banner when your version of the console is outdated.
  • Inside the Home, see where resources are used.
    Click on the dots menu for in the top right corner of an App, Intent or Slot type. A new option now says how many times this resource is used, and clicking on this info opens a modal to see more details.


  • it’s now possible to untag a slot from the slot selection menu.
    After selecting some text, if this text is tagged, the tag can be removed in the menu. This works for keyboard usage! You can now also remove parts of a tag, via selecting parts of the text and using this new remove option, in the menu.
  • We moved to a Forum!
    This way we get scale better, allowing existing questions and answers to be indexed and searched for.
  • Reduced the size of our Javascript for modern browsers
    By serving different code to modern and older browsers
  • Notifications UI should now look better
  • Dedicated Empty State UI when Home has no assistants or apps

Bug fixes

  • Fixed multi-line training example bugs in the intent editor
    Previously the lines of mutli-line training examples could overlap, and the slot selection menu could open up in the wrong place.
  • Fixed voice recording which was not working in the latest Safari
  • Fixed deleting slot types from Home, was not working properly


The action code snippet is not flashing anymore in forefox ! Nice !

Now, I’m not fond of two columns layout, it makes the sentences too short. Or a way to collapse the testing third column to the right could be nice.

Thanks for the work anyway, nice to see things going ahead !!


i don’t like the squashed 3 column layout… looked better with the slot info above the training sentences… now my training sentences are all squished up, and when scrolling down the page the left side is blank since slots do not list that low and its a waste of usable space


Just in case, flashing code snippet with Firefox doesn’t happend anymore with 63.01 but still happend with 62. So if you encounter it, update Firefox.


Thanks for the feedback guys, we’ll take it into account moving forward. How’s the 3 column layout feeling now a few days later, still prefer the previous layout?


Yes still the same sorry.
But having check on mobile, putting the test div on demand into a menu like on mobile could be a solution.