Console Update 2.24.0


Console Update 2.24.0 - 20/11/2018

New features

  • Matching Strictness parameter for slot types (entities), allows you to control how strict the match needs to be between what the user said and the liIsted values.


  • Refresh for the Intent modal, shown when looking at public intents that are not yours (after forking an app).


Thanks :wink:

I guess cursor on the right means strictest, and left stricless ?


Yep, that’s right, to the right means the most strict - which is also the default setting. This will yield more unknown word responses, whereas on the left a known word will be returned even if it was not judged as very probably to be what the user said.


Seems that in the console I now have zero tokens… they have all disappeared


Thanks for reporting, it was an unrelated issue, should be working now again (if you refresh the page).


now i have my tokens back…


they are gone again @pocketjoso


We have identified the problem that causes them sometimes to not show, and are working on a long term fix for it. It might take a bit longer before it lands. In the mean time, rest assured that your tokens are always there, it just the request to get the updated count that fails. We should probably update the UI to say “failed to sync” instead of 0 tokens to make this more clear.


Just to be sure, what was the default value of the strictness for slots term be fore having this parameter ?

Seems I now I can’t say anymore ‘dehors’, it always understand a duration of ‘deux heures’.


I was on vacation, sorry for late reply. It should have been the same, but I’m looking for a confirmation on this now.


@KiboOst - so this matching strictness parameter is only used by the NLU, and allows for partial matches (so kiwi cake can be matched even if the value was strawberry and kiwi cake).

So something else causes your regression. We had another release since you last posted - can you update and check if this problem still appears?