Console Update 2.26.0

  • The user account settings have been redesigned. It should now be more clear what information is used for your public profile. The link to view your own public profile has moved to the account dropdown menu in the navigation.
  • Word Confidence Threshold - a threshold below which words are transcribed as unknownword . This new setting can now be configured in the settings modal on your assistant page(s).
  • Inside the intent editor, the dropdown for the slot type can now be controlled via the keyboard (tab, up, down). Lot’s of people we’re asking us for this. :slight_smile: We have more keyboard accessibility fixes coming up, stay tuned!


@pocketjoso the Word Confidence Threshold does not show a value, just a slider… when adjusting the slider i can’t see what the value it is setting to


Yeah you’re right @ozie. We’re going to improve our sliders to make them show values. this will happen in a future update.

Until then: this slider goes from 0 to 9, and the default value is 3.