Console Update 2.27.0

  • Support for the new Snips platform update - 1.1.0 in the console. Full details on our release notes page:

  • New code language support: If you are using the code snippet option in your App, you can will find a new selection for template, which now includes python 3 with all the latest python features.
    We also have plans for a Javascript template. If you can’t wait and don’t mind getting your hands dirty you can check out the JS work on this branch on GitHub (Work In Progress!)

  • Import intents to App: you can now search amongst the intents by name

  • Email change: If you need to, you can now change your email in the console. You can find this in your Account Settings.

  • we added a Content Security Policy and some other web security improvements.

The following API changes may break your applications based on Hermes messages.
hermes API: probability field in hermes/intent/<intentName> messages has been renamed confidence_score.

the console still displays the word probability in the “try assistant” area

 "intent": {
    "intentName": "ozie:speedConverter",
    "probability": 0.88625616


Thanks for reporting this, we will release fix for this soon.