Console Update 2.28.0


New features

  • GitHub sign-in. Now those that don’t want to create another set of email + password credentials to remember don’t have to! (although we strongly recommend using a password manager). If you already have a console account you can connect it to GitHub, from your account settings. Afterwards you’ll be able to login with a single click.

  • @mentions support. We saw some problems in communications about apps in the store, because so far only the the app owner would get notified about comments on an app. Now if you @mention someone, they will be notified, which should communication easier. Note that in this release we only support @mentioning the app owner and others who already commented. In a future release we will support @mentioning any console user.


  • In the results you see when testing intents in the console, we renamed probabilty to confidenceScore, to align with the Snips platform (on device).

  • Fixed an over-eager confirmation modal on the app editor page, which warned about losing intent action code when changing action type, even if no such code had been written (ever).