Console Update 3.0.0 - 21/03/2019


Major changes

  • testing is now available for apps and intents, directly without using assistants
    Before this release you could only test assistants, which could be annoying if you were just working on apps. Now when you select an app or intent from your Home page, that resource is tested alone, without an assistant. You can use this when you don’t need to test how the resource works inside a full assistant. The training will be faster for a single intent than for an assistant with multiple apps and intents - but the results will also be different. When testing a single intent, there will be no risk that a different intent is detected, and thus confidenceScore values will be higher.
    To work on an intent or app while testing the changes inside an assistant, select your app or intent via the assistant page.

Internally in the console codebase this is a breaking change - please refresh the page in the console to get the compatible latest version and avoid errors.

New features

  • URL remembers your active assistant and app
    Now we guarantee that if you refresh the page when editing an intent or an app, you will continue where you left off, with the same active assistant and app as before.
    As part of this we changed the URL structure we use for assistants, apps, and intents - update your bookmarks! Although we take care redirecting you to the right page even if you don’t. :slight_smile:

  • enabledByDefault for intents
    This option allows you to disable intents so that they need to be programmatically enabled before they will be recognised by the platform. This value can be changed in the intent settings. This option was released in version 1.1.2 of the snips platform. See more about this here: Platform Update 1.1.2 (0.62.3) - 21/03/2019

Bug fixes

  • it was possible to click the Deploy Assistant button even when it was disabled while training was ongoing, this has now been fixed.
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THANK YOU for the intent deactivation!

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I missed that forum post and the welcome changes in the console.

Disabling an intent is great, I already have the use for it (an intent just asking for confirmation).

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