Console Update 3.1.0 - 19/04/2019


New features

  • intents filter for voice testing
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This update aligns the voice testing on the console with the default behavior of the Snips platform - only intents that are enabledByDefault (which is the default setting) will be recognized.

If you are an app developer you can create and use your own custom intents filters, to mirror the intents filters you use via continueSession in your action code. This way you can test the responses you get from multi-turn conversations directly on the console.

The documentation for Intents Filters on the console is here:

We will soon release more tools that will make testing the performance of your assistants and apps much easier - stay tuned!


  • allow direct navigation to skill editor via keyboard shortcut
    If you are an app developer, this is for you. When you are in the Assistant Home page (after selecting an assistant) and want to go from there to edit one of the your added apps, instead of clicking on it, and then clicking again “Edit” inside the modal that shows, you can now press the SHIFT key when clicking on the app, and it will bypass the modal and go straight to the app editor. Just a small time saver - let us know if you have any similar requests!

  • footer
    We just added a small footer at the bottom of the page so everyone can find our privacy policy and terms of use more easily.

Bug fixes

  • audio recording was not working in safari
    This was a recent regression (related to an overeager CSP policy) - now it’s working again!
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I have already asked this question but remaining unanswered, I allow myself to rest my question here.

I am already well advanced with Snips.
My request concerns the modification of an assistant with its applications already created, and “published” (it is surely an error, but I can not make it reversible) in order to adapt it to the problems met during the using my assistant in python applications acting on my home automation box.
I made the mistake of publishing two apps in the store. I can not delete applications, intentions or their names anymore.
How can I go back?
How can I find a blank account of any intent wizard or Apps without recreating another account with another Email ???
Thank you for your answers…



but every time i click record new test safari asks to use the mic… i click yes… i say something, then click stop recording i get an error (shown below) is red text under the title Unit Tests and suddenly the login page is shown


Richard, if you go into the app settings, you can find a button to remove the app from the store. After that, changes you make to the app and contained intents will no longer be propagated to the public store - unless you re-publish the app.
You will however still not be able to delete the intents, it’s not something we support for intents that have been published to the store.


My Apps is like that:



and i have only these 3 buttons, and donc see where i can unpublished???


It’s available inside the App Settings > Danger Zone.


hooo !! yes great … but I did not understand because I had already removed the Apps from my assistant …
thank you very much for this help …


:slight_smile: To clarify on this topic, even if your app is public (like it was before), changes you make to the app itself, and to any intent contained in it will still not be propagated to the public store unless you chose to “Publish Update” for the app, which creates a new public version of the app, and of the intents contained inside it.



On the other hand it does not work for the other 2 apps that remains published even after I activated the button remove from the store
Other worries I still can not remove an intent of the Apps that is not published.


You found our easter egg! :slight_smile:

We are still improving this page and will announce that it exists in our next release. We have fixed the problem you reported - please refresh the page and test again.

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more chocolate for me…
page works… but

  • fails the test, when really is is not a fail (but I’m still learning so i don’t know yet if i need to be the one that change this to it being correct manually, and that i will have to do this for every test item)

  • can’t play the recorded audio… the mouse pointer says its disabled


i’m alway on “Your assistant is training…” since 3 hours


I understood why it did not work for the other 2 applications that remained published even after activating the delete button in the store.
These contained no further intent, and this prevented the suppression of the magazine’s publication.


i can’t delete the slots in My Slots Types

i would like to have in My Assistants only the Apps JLRDomotique, only my slot in My Slot Type.
How can i do that???


Why can’t we use text input instead of mic for set some tests ?
Actually I use this
Would be nice to enter test sentences in unit tests.