Console Update 3.2.0 - 02/10/2019

This bring the console up to par with the 1.3.0 Snips Platform release.

New features

  • Support for Brazilian Portuguese
  • New visual look for the cards for Assistants, Apps, Slot Types and Intents
  • Intent editor: snips/number and snips/amountOfMoney can now be configured via slot settings menu
    You can now specify exactly what number range or currency/ies you’re interested in, thereby increasing ASR accuracy in your intent.
  • Intent data generation enabled for more languages: Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese


This includes all changes that have rolled out since the 3.1.0 console release - some of them have already been available for a while for some of you.

  • when using @-mentions in comments, you can now search for any other user, via typing their user name. Previously only users that had already commented could be mentioned.
  • intent editor, tagged slots can now be removed via hovering the tag. The menu will show, in which one menu option is for removing the tag.
  • intent editor: allow untagging also punctuation characters (except space)
  • slot type page: show warning for duplicate values/synonyms
  • slot type page: increased stability for auto-saves when closing the modal
  • use system font for body text (instead of apercu)
  • increase unit test stability
  • improved error messages
  • fewer requests sent for training (assistant, app, intent.)
  • added new empty states, for Home > Intents, and Home > Slot Types
  • use selected language in Home for creating new resources
  • support audio playback for Safari in unit tests

Bug fixes

  • avoid including synonyms exporting slot type values, when synonyms are disabled
  • ensure dismiss button for notifications is always visible, regardless of text length
  • fix infinite store modal loading for bad assistant ids
  • fix comments not showing up in the app editor
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