Custom python Script with hermes-python: Problems

Hi, this is my first post so i hope nobody gets mad at me for something i don’t know!

Currently i am trying to build all the actions scripts - normally infused via the console on the Website - in one script that imports hermes-python, json and my robot-python stuff that controls my robot.

looks kinda like this atm:

import json
from import Hermes, MqttOptions
from xaver import Robot
from time import sleep

def subscribe_to_newTaskName_callback(hermes, intent_message):
    print("neuer Auftragsname")
    taskNameSlot = intent_message.slots.taskname.all()

    # slot_dict = intent_message.slots.toDict()
    # slot_array = slot_dict["taskname"]
    # print(slot_array)
    return hermes.publish_end_session(intent_message.session_id, "Name des Auftrags 
    #ToDo: figure out how to prolong conversation 

whenever i run this script i get this output in my terminal

neuer Auftragsname
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “_ctypes/callbacks.c”, line 259, in ‘converting callback result’
TypeError: cannot be converted to pointer
Exception ignored in: <function ffi_function_callback_wrapper.
.convert_function_arguments..convert_arguments_when_invoking_function at

i dont know what’s wrong. I just started with snips like a few Weeks ago

I don’t see any problem in the excerpt of code you provided. Do you mind sharing the whole file please ?