Custom slot type for colors does not recognize all colors

Hi all,

I’ve created a custom slot type for colors.
[BTW: Does a exist a builtin slot type for colors? That would be useful.]
I’ve trained only a couple of colors (german language).
These are the colors:

  • flames dimmed
  • rot
  • gelb
  • grün
  • braun
  • lila

After reading the article in snips-nlu.readthedocs about automatically extensible entities I was expecting that missing colors like “schwarz” (black) etc. will be added bei NLU so that I could get them as slot values.
But I don’t get them.

That’s my version
snips-nlu 1.2.1 (0.63.2) [model_version: 0.19.0]

Is this expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong?

“Flames dimmed” is not a color but a theme for Nanoload LED tiles.
Perhaps it’s not a good idea to use this non-color as training data.

My slot type is automatically extensible but the slider for the matching strictness is at the right side (means 100%) which might be bad for the NLU auto-detection.

Hope you can help me.

Best regards, Uwe

the ASR only learns words that you enter in
to use the extensible feature you would have to use something like the open english snips ASR or google ASR. That way the words are known and the slots would fill

Hi Ozie,

thanks for your answer.
If the ASR only learns words that I’m enter in what’s the checkbox “automatically extensible” for?
How can I use the “open english snips ASR”?
As the name sounds it’s only for english. Is there a similar solution for german?

Best wishes, Uwe

re-read my answer it is there…

nope. only english everything is in the docs:) use the search in there to find things faster… but have a good read through it all

Hi Ozie,

in the docs I get no results when searching for “extensible” or “open english”.
Perhaps you can give me another hint.
BTW: I normally do a lot of (google) search until I send a post into a forum :slight_smile:

Thanks, Uwe

Hi Ozie,

thanks for the link. I already found this information but it’s marked as “deprecated soon”.
But with this it would be possible to get slot values for untrained words?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Hi @udsnips,

As stated by @ozie the generic ASR is for English only, with this ASR you can expect the ASR to output words that were not in your dataset.

Now, why the NLU has the automatically extensible toggle if the ASR can’t output unseen words ? Mainly because the ASR can output new combination of words that can be meaningful as slots values.

Let’s say that you have an assistant with only 2 sentences:

  • “the car is [green]”
  • “the car is [light blue]”

If you say: “the car is [light green]”, the ASR will be able to output the new slot value “light green” correctly even if it was not initially in you slots values, and you get to choose if you want to deal with these unseen slot values or not using the automatically extensible toggle.

I hope it clarifies things a bit.

Dear ClemDoum,

yes that helps me to understand this feature.
Unfortunately we would like to have it for german language.

Best regards, Uwe