Custom wakeword in android?

I was going through the documentation and found, we can define a custom wake word in Raspberry Pi,
Can we do that in an Android application

Unfortunately not yet

@manimaran this in not supported yet as @Psycho said. It is however one of the things that should come soon (ie not next release, but probably the one after)


Thanks for the heads up @fredszaq @Psycho

Good evening,

Thank you for this answer @fredszaq !

I have 2 questions linked to the subject :

  • Is there any existing trick to have custom wakeword on Android? I guess not, but I try :slight_smile:.
  • Do you have any approximative idea when it’ll be available?

Thanks a lot and have a great evening.

Hi @rodolphe.assere !

  • there is no way to trick the platform in running a custom wakeword. If you have another wakework engine, you can however use it and programmatically start a session using the startSession method on the SnipsPlatformClient
  • “soon” (ie as soon as I find time to work on it)
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Thanks @fredszaq for your quick and precise answers. Yeah, that’s what is planned to do (I mean calling startSession from another engine).

Good luck for your work !

Hi together, are there any updates regarding this topic? :slight_smile:

Hi @rodolphe.assere , which engine did you use instead, that allows custom wake words? Any experiences or suggestions?

Hi @crlhldbrndt,
Sorry for posting this on the SNIPS forum.
I use pocketsphinx to make a custom wakeword. It works very well for us and I’m expecting the android custom wakeword management on SNIPS to change for it :slight_smile:.
We have a permanent service on the phone (with ultra-low battery drain) which is listening for a custom wakeword and when it matches, wakes the application and runs SnipsPlatformClient.
If you need more technical details, feel free to contact me in PM and we will discuss about it.
Have a great day and good luck for your project,


@rodolphe.assere Thank you very much for your insights! :slight_smile: If I run into any troubles, I will let you know :wink: Best regards Carlo

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Hello @rodolphe.assere ,
I was wondering if you could provide a working example of your pocketsphinx implementation. I am just tinkering and don’t have the skills to add this functionality from scratch myself. Hoping with a working example I can review & implement successfully. This would be strictly for personal use. Thank you sir.

Hey @nervkil,
I won’t post a PocketSphinx code on a SNIPS forum :slight_smile:.
Contact me at rodolphe.assere[at]gmail[dot]com for more informations.
Have a great day.