Day 1 - Sketch 1


Nothing great, but believe it or not, Microsoft crashed my computer by trying to fix office install…



Nice sketch, can’t wait to see more !


Cocktail bot - its hard.
Cool idea - I’ve always wanted to make one.

Some inspiration - here is a series about building a linear one:

In your design, I guess the bottle carousel would need to rotate over the glass. That is a lot of bottles and a lot of wight.
Your stepper motor would need to be able to move that mass / torque / something physics…

I’ve seen other designs which had the bottles stationary, and had a number of peristaltic pumps with silicon tubing to pump measures of liquid into the stationary glass. I guess that is the easiest setup for a cocktail bot.

Things like ESP8266 work well with MQTT, and can talk “arduino” to things like pumps and stepper motors, etc. Maybe have an ESP8266 subscribe directly to the Snips MQTT queue, and pick up on dink order messages? Then you don’t need to wire the Snips PI into the cocktail bot at all?

Good luck!


Hey, thanks for you interest and the youtube serie! I’m stopped in this project because I killed my 3d printer… Just waiting for them to send me a new motherboard for it and meanwhile I’m repairing the rest

Yes, I wanted the bottles to rotate to make it look nice. It will require quite some torque, but nothing too terrible, given the fact that it lays on bearing. But of course, before that I will of course make sure that it’s mathematically feasible.

Re esp8266 I’m thinking of having place to build a pi inside of the bot, as it’s meant to be standalone for some people, but also provide the possibility to have it hook directly on your snips install, without a pi and with, as you said, a little arduino