[DE/EN] <BETA> Bring! Shopping List


Hello Everybody!

My latest app is a shopping list - for now it is only available in German - but the coding is already completely ready for the English Version!

I decided for an early release marked as <BETA> with the basic features to clarify: I will continue working on it, your comments help! So please help me with any suggestions you got! :wink:
DE: https://console.snips.ai/app-editor/skill_m6n3pPb6PQ7a
EN: https://console.snips.ai/app-editor/skill_nV1m1MZopBqA

The basic features for now are:

  • 2000 supported products (in German - English slot is already at 3000 ._.)
  • add items
  • remove items
  • check for item
  • read complete list

The early English app will follow as soon as I got enough training data ready :wink:

For every other language: feel free to create your own Version by creating the translation files in Github (eg /translations/fr.py) and add it to the snips store yourself:

About Bring!:
it is an existing online shopping list with iOs and Android apps, as well as Alexa and Google skills and a Browser Version. It already supports the following languages but keeps expanding this list: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian: So get ready to translate the Snips App to all of these :wink:

Update: English is available as well!


thanks, works great. and also thanks for letting the app being forked. i added some special items we offten use and sentences („wir brauchen …“). i’m trying to keep track with your further development and update my fork manually, but as far as the app is right now, it does all i need.


I just released the english version as well:

Please feel free to try it and comment!
Every idea helps: Many thanks to everybody trying the German Version, I never got such a good feedback on the snips store before! Lets hope it works for the English Version as well! :wink:


Hello Philipp,
I really appreciate your work. Thanks for that skill, I find it very usefull.
I have a question: I have hard times to put “Eier” on the list, Snips is sugesting things like “Einer, Neujahr,…” and other nonsense but never “Eier”. Is there something I could do to overcome this?



Hello Jamoth,

thank you for your kind words.

“Eier”/“eggs” should really be something that is not hard to add. I’m quite surprised, that you get words like “Einer, Neujahr” as they are not part of the dictionary(just checked it).

I made the slot “automatically extensible” and using synonyms. Maybe there is something snips has a problem with.

I will take a look at your issue as soon as I’m home again. Maybe just disabling the extensibility will already help? I will let you know when I find a solution!