Deploy app without publishing (private app)


Maybe I am missing something obvious but I have created an app (without actions) which should just serve me as trigger for my connection to iobroker.
I have added the app to my assistant but it is not being installed via sam when I do update-assistant. Do I have to publish an app to include it? Actually I just want to use it myself.


Before updating the assistant, di you install it?


Yes I did as I already had other apps deployed.
However, I think I was simply looking for an indication in the output of update-assistant that my app was picked up but apparently that’s not the case as it doesn’t include any actions or skills.
I had published it, noticed that the update command still did not indicate any change and simply tried it. The app works so maybe it had already worked before.
As I can’t unpublish an app it probably stays as it is…


You can install an unpublished assistant and you can unpublish an app


I just have the publish update button. How can I unpublish?


go to the intent… then next to the publish update button is the “app settings” button… click that then DANGER ZONE .in there is the unpublish remove from store button