Docker image without AVX instructions


Hey guys.

Getting illegal instruction when trying to run docker image on my machine.

It seems that you use AVX instructions:

some disasm:

|=> 0x00007f2fdbc6dbe7 <+55>:|vmovddup (%rcx),%xmm0|
|   0x00007f2fdbc6dbeb <+59>:|add    $0x80,%rdx|
|   0x00007f2fdbc6dbf2 <+66>:|cmp    $0x0,%rax|
|   0x00007f2fdbc6dbf6 <+70>:|je     0x7f2fdbc6dcbb <dscal_kernel_8+267>|

Since u’re using Kaldi inside. I guess it should be pretty easy to compile snips-asr without AVX instructions?

Hope to try your product soon. Thanks in advance


I have the same issue, running the Docker image on a Kabylake CPU (Pentium G4600) which does not have AVX extensions.
Having a non-avx binary would be great!