Download data from Console as a whole

How do I get the entries and examples of my whole Apps from the console without exporting every app by hand? Must be possible!

Stay tuned - we will release a feature that will help with this very soon.

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This feature is live on the console now, it allows you to export all your account resources in one click. Go to your account via the menu:


There you will find the new export feature:

Your export will contain all your:

  • assistants
  • apps (called “skills” in the download)
  • intents
  • slot types (called “entities” in the download)

If you have created any such resources, it also contains your:

  • unit tests (for your assistants)
  • app action code snippets (called “intent-action”)
  • intent filters (called “inference-context”)

Please note that the export package you’ll download only contains your own data. If you are using an app from the store and would like it to be included in the export, you have to fork it. The same goes for the intents inside a forked public app, to include them you have to fork each of the intents.

We hope this will help you not only retain all your data from the console but hopefully to be able to put it to good use!


Many thanks, @pocketjoso, to invest your time in this! Much appreciated.

I’m going to add the data of my Snips apps to their GitHub repositories, so others can build upon it if they want to port my apps to other voice assistant platforms.


what are the other voice assistant platforms? The only similar one I know of is PicoVoice.

I’m using Rhasspy now. The only thing I’m missing is an app ecosystem, but development is progressing very fast, so I’m sure that will be dealt with.

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Thanks for the reply. I know what an app ecosystem is but I don’t understand what you mean. You need it for what?

If you’re using Snips, you can easily add apps by other developers using the Snips Console. Rhasspy doesn’t have anything like that. So you can create your own automations based on the intents Rhasspy recognizes, but it’s not that straightforward yet as in Snips, and there’s no “app store” yet. But it’s just a matter of time before something like this crystallizes.

How do you install it on a fresh raspberry with stretch ?

Is there a simple way to install it without hass or docker ?

Did you installed it in py virtual env ?

Also, how would you handle satellite and custom wakeword ?

This is the thread to ask these questions:


No Rhasspy community of its own ? This is HomeAssistant, and don’t care about it.
Ideally I would build same functionality with Rhasspy and could develop a Jeedom plugin, as I will need Jeedom handling of all vocal stuff anyway.
Having a Rhasspy community with different sections/topics would help for sure.

Will take time to read documentation and your link, while waiting for another pi to test all this.

I agree with @KiboOst
Rhasspy appears to have been intented as a voice assistant for Home assistant but I think it has grown past that to be a complete agnostic voice assistant framework.

The introduction of a more modular structure and the use of a protocol like Hermod/Hermes using MQTT/Websockets will surely allow it to be even more separated from any intent action backend: Home Assistant, Jeedom, etc.

Having a dedicated community would be a very good idea to stop squating Snips and Home assistant forums :). I think Rhasspy creator spoke about it a few days ago…

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