Duplicate / Fork an App that isn't published


I can’t find a way to duplicate an app. I have an app I want to publish - but it’s a bus time app and so slots have bus stop information which gives too much information about my location. I’d like to copy the app so I can publish the copy with some generic bus stop examples.

However I can’t find a way to duplicate an existing unpublished app - you can’t fork unless it’s published. So the only way I can think to do this is to strip out my information, put in the generic stops, publish it, fork it, and then add my information back in. Which just seems crazy. Can we have a way to duplicate private apps please.

(This would also have been useful a couple of times when I wanted to refactor an app, but keep the working one in case I mess it all up in the refactoring).


Hi wiz,

Sounds reasonable that you should be able to fork your own apps. We’re having some bigger discussions on this topic right now, but I’ll look into if we could somewhat easily open up forking for non published apps.


Export app as zip
Import app from zip with rename possibilitie
Replace app by zipped app