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I just “finalized” a tiny app that I did during my spare time to learn how the platform is working and it’s finally published on the Snips AppStore ! My aim goal was to use database manipulation with the assistant.

It’s called OpenBeer App, a simple app based on the OpenBeer database. You can query the database for information about a specific beer (its description, abv, style…), add it to your favourites and even ask for food suggestion (on the other side, you can also ask for beer suggestion according to what you are going to eat).

You can find more detailed information and the Python action code directly on the github repo. It’s a bit messy as it was my first app I’ve made on Snips few months ago, so feel free to give any feedback, advices or suggestion :slight_smile:

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Hi @redT, welcome to the Snips community!

That’s a really great idea for an app :slight_smile: However, I tried it for some time and it’s really difficult to get it to understand the beer names I’m saying. I noticed that the intents don’t have many example sentences. Can’t you inject the beer names as entities in the Snips vocabulary to get them recognized?

I also noticed that the code is Python 2. As it’s deprecated, a migration to Python 3 is recommended.

With some fine-tuning, I think this app will become a fun addition to the Snips App Store!



Beers? I have to try that!

About generating intents and slots, you can check my conversion app: https://github.com/bors-ltd/snips-conversion

Not saying this is the state of the art, but I’d like feedbacks on this method, I’m relatively new to Snips programming too.

Also, have you considered supporting multiple languages? That’s another topic I’m interested in, and I’m looking for a design pattern.