Enable_sound_feedback - where to find site_message?

According to the documentation, when starting the Hermes Python instance you can change your sound feedback preference.

My question is: where can I find what the site message ID of the main device is before any messages have been received?

OK, I figured it out by looking at the python-hermes code.

This is the secret:

Preformatted text`from hermes_python.ontology.feedback import SiteMessage # This is what I was missing.

my_site_mes = SiteMessage('default') # The name of your 'main' snips device is "default"
print("site_mes = " + str(vars(my_site_mes))) # This shows a site message is actually really simple: {'site_id': 'default', 'session_id': None}

with Hermes("localhost:1883") as h:

Hey, thanks for the trick :slight_smile:

Just a question, is that disabling all the sounds or only the “triggers” sound?
I mean is SNIPS will still talk but without the “glong” of beginning and end of capture, or will it be totally muted?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: