Enclosure challenge (satellite)


Snips being a community, let’s contribute by giving back the best Satellite enclosure design.
I will certainly do, but I encourage you to do the same.

Method: 3D print or laser cut or CNC, but need to be a open source file for the community to enjoy.

But before rushing onto your favorite cad software, it would be nice to define what’s to put in the box.

In your answer, I would be happy to understand what you expect of a Snips satellite. (On top of Snips voice control)

To give you a hint, the satellite being in a specific room, you could add some in/out functions to the server traffic, like sensors (temp, presence, gaz, fire,…), or re-use component to another task (ex: Speaker for a web radio).

It’s no point in reinventing a steampunk machine, I would suggest to use components made by SeeedStudio, who nicely plug together (jst) and come with their libraries.
To connect them to the Raspi, you will need a hat like this one. (Choice of 2)
… and plug the Grove component (the 3.3V listed in SeedStudio hat page spreadsheet).
It is a pattern in the size and screw’s holes for those PCB. So your design would fit a lot clever Snips Satellites. All the advantages of a Modular approach ;-))

Well, what’s missing? maybe a RF remote to turn your TV, Velux on/off, a PSU (internal or power brick), speaker(s) amplifier, … let’s find out together. I am waiting your suggestions underneath.

Oled screen 0.96 (i2C), on top of the sound, a display to read the “print out” keyword or result, would be nice.

Choice of Raspi : the Pi Zero being to just for added function;
Let’s move on the new Raspi 3 A+ (65x49 mm) with Respeaker 2. Or Raspi 3B+ with reSpeaker 4.

To help with the design, I already model some modules, you can find them if you look into the SketchUp 3Dwarehouse looking for “Elements for Snips satellite enclosure”.

Aka Stéphane B

Raspi zero Hat: (2 digital, 3 analog, 1 I2C, 1 UART, 1 PWM)



A week later, not just another square plastic box.

Snips satellite with web radio (stereo).

Just a rough design, white body to be 3D printed, Laser Cut Wood, missing the cloth to cover speakers. If you like it, let me know, I will move it forward. but if I bother you, just do nothing.



It’s great!! Looking forward to see it in action



Hello Pensee,

I love the looks of it. This is one of my biggest issues, nice looking cases with some leds for visual confirmation based on raspi 3.

Looking good.