English words in German text


when snips speaks German it sounds strange when english words (that are generally used) are embedded in the text. Is there a way to tell snips to pronounce specific words in a different language?

Example: Der Receiver im Wohnzimmer ist ausgeschaltet.
Receiver klingt wie Rezeifer


Hey @starob, welcome to the Snips forum!

Two ideas:

  1. Replace the word with the German version: “Empfänger”
  2. This document in chapter 7.2 <phoneme>: Defining the pronunciation form describes how you can change the pronunciation of words in a sentence. (This only works, if you have PicoTTS as voice output - default in Snips is PicoTTS)
    So in an output sentence with this word you must replace the word with the tag
    (<phoneme alphabet="..." ph="..."/>)
    I did not test this yet, but you can try to let the voice say “Resiewer” or something like that :slight_smile: I think this is the hard way to solve the problem, because I don’t know how to use these phonemes.

Good luck!

EDIT: I just saw this in the documentation from above:
“The markup tag pair <phoneme alphabet="..." ph="..."/> is accepted by SVOX Pico for reasons of compatibility with future versions, but has undefined behavior.”
I don’t know whether this is an up to date version of the documentation, but it seems that this tag has no function. (As far as I know, PicoTTS will not be developed any further.)